The Sign Of Leo Is an Indie-Chill band from Groningen, The Netherlands.

The music of The Sign of Leo is rooted in the history of popmusic with influences from the 60's, 70's and faint echoes from the early 80's. The Sign of Leo combines the history of popmusic and in doing so create a unique sound of their own with a modern and contemporary approach to songwriting and arranging.

The Sign Of Leo released their debut EP "Fight The Tide" in 2015. They released three full albums  "Fields Of Passing Time" (2017), "Sunbeam" (2019) and "Blow Up" (2022).

With songs like The Global Fight,  Look at What You've Done, Try To Get My Head Around The World the band shows to be socially aware in tackling issues like the Coronavirus Covid-19, climate change and senseless violence

Streaming is available on Spotify.

Come into the world of The Sign of Leo and let yourself be persuaded.

The Sign Of Leo is:

Martin Erich - vocals, guitar, bass guitar and synths.