Man I just heard The Sign of Leo and WOW! Musically and lyrically it is up there with the best!”

The Sign of Leo is an IndieRock band from Groningen, The Netherlands. The band creates a broad pallet of sounds that culminates in a melodic and atmospheric rocksound with a melancholic touch and in doing so create a unique sound of their own. The music of The Sign of Leo is rooted in the history of popmusic with influences from the 60's, 70's and faint echoes from the early 80's . From The Beatles and Pink Floyd to Todd Rundgren, from early King Crimson to Talk Talk and from Echo & the Bunnymen back to The Doors. Eurosonic states the following:  “the band has multiple influences from Bowie to Talk Talk and from Neil Young to Tears for Fears” You can hear the craftsmanship in all the songs. A “sign” that it’s really very good. 

After releasing two download singles including the well received "Where do we go from here" the band released their debut EP "Fight The Tide" in 2015. In 2017 the album "Fields Of Passing Time" was released. The single “We all have to go that way some time” was quickly noticed by several radio stations. The song was represented in the 13 of Rob Stenders, NPO radio 2, featured with a top ten spot in the Indie chart of radio station IndieXL and present in the Noord 9 list of Radio/TV station RTV Noord. 

The sophomore album Sunbeam was released in 2019. The singles “Twist of fate” and “Atomic Soldiers” were featured once more in the Indie chart of IndieXL. 

The last two years the band released five singles.  The Global Fight, Walking On Water Look at What You've Done, Stranger Within and The Days We Have. With some of these songs the band shows to be socially aware in tackling issues like the Coronavirus Covid-19 and climate change.

All songs will be featured on the new album called Blow Up. Release 20th of April 2022

In anticipation of the new album the title song Blow Up will be released as a single on the 22nd of March 2022


The Sign Of Leo played several Festivals including Eurosonic, Preipop, Rode Oortjes and venues like Simplon and were featured in several tv programmes. 


Martin Erich                       vocals, guitar, bass guitar and synths

Margriet                            backing vocals


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